There's a crisis at the border:
Thousands of children don't have access
to soap or basic hygiene supplies.

At shelters and camps along the US/Mexico border, children are facing a public health emergency.

Children have already died due to preventable illnesses—and it will continue if poor hygiene conditions along the border persist.

Let's do something about it.

Project EcoSoap is an initiative of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Eco-Soap Bank. We've been working since 2015 to provide soap to children and families worldwide.

We're organizing a comprehensive effort to improve health and hygiene conditions for children along the border.

If you prefer to donate soap or other hygiene supplies in-kind, you can send new, unused products to the following organizations (this list continually updating):

Minority Humanitarian Foundation
1618 San Miguel Ave
Spring Valley, CA 91977

Join the movement:

If your organization works at a border shelter, please get in touch at

How to spread the word:

With your help, we can spur real change to prevent the spread of disease and provide lifesaving hygiene security to those who need it most.